Do You Pray for Strangers?

The other day while driving down the road, we were behind a pickup truck that turned left that was absolutely loaded with miscellaneous household goods.

Being November in Ohio, it was dark and hard to see. The days never last long enough in winter.

So, I found myself breathing a little prayer that whoever is moving has a safe trip and none of the movers hurt themselves during the process. I mean, I remember pulling a shoulder one of the last times I moved and some people get hurt really badly.

I know some people who pray for the person in an ambulance when it drives by, or the safety of those who will fight a fire as the fire truck sirens blare far away. Some pray for people on the news. Some only pray for the complex or tragic and other people say little prayers for people all day long.

This made me start thinking, how many people have prayed for me and my safety without me ever knowing? How many times was there shelter from harm because a stranger breathed a little prayer for me when I had no idea there was even a danger lurking or was too tired to think about it?

Whoever they were or will be, thank you.

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