Come Unto Me Life-Size Statue in Utah: Comfort for the Grieving

This breathtaking statue was unveiled in 2000 as a life-sized bronze sculpture and is resides in the Spilsbury Mortuary in St George, Utah. It portrays the spiritual journey from mortality to immortality.









Notice the detail as the older woman looks back on her life











then crosses through the door and is young again, stepping into the arms of Jesus, her face radiant with joy. The look on Jesus’ face is one of love and welcome.












Millions of mourners will surely find great comfort in this amazing statue that took over a year to construct. Replicas are available in some very remarkable mediums, such as the crystal shown below. The artist’s name is Jerry Anderson.



Just prior to learning that my grandmother had terminal pancreatic cancer, I had sent her the main photo of the statue in the lobby because I thought it was so lovely. A few weeks later, in one of my last texts from her, she had asked me to send it again. It comforts not only the living left behind, but those who have reached the end of their time here and I’m very grateful for this wonderful and loving work of art.


Thank you, Mr Anderson, for this beautiful reminder that existence does not end with death.



  1. Was wondering Mr Anderson, if it is possible to get a table top replica of this statue, and what would the cost be?

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