What This Woman Found in an Unused Room of Her House Will Make Your Skin Crawl


^is not the real wasp 

    Do you go into every room in your house every day?   Maybe you should stop doing that……


We’ve all woken up to the horrifying feeling of a bug crawling on us. Some of us even have nightmares about such things and there are whole phobias based on the nasty things that bugs can do to you in your sleep.   So, imagine the horror of a woman in Hampshire, England, when she opened the door to a guest bedroom that had been unused for several months, only to discover the scene below:




Yep, the wasps decided to tuck themselves in and stay for a spell. They consumed a good portion of the sheets and a pillow before getting busted. Of course, the alarmed owner called an exterminator immediately.


John Birkett, the exterminator called in, spent over 2 hours with the nest, and said that the wasps had consumed a good portion of the mattress – about 40%. He wore full protective gear and at any given time had 2000 wasps swarming him as he tried to eliminate the nest – something that would have proved fatal without the protective gear.


John, who owns the extermination business, Longwood Extermination Services, has operated the business for 45 years and prior to this has never seen a nest in a home this size. In fact, the largest he had dealt with in a bedroom was only about the size of a baseball. John, who has an unusual respect for the insect kingdom stated: “I thought ‘what a shame’, but I had a job to do and the client was terrified. Afterwards, the entire room was filled with dead wasps. It was like the apocalypse.”






World domination attempt, failed, returning to the nest to restructure……






Art by Robert Cornelius – super cool and talented artist: http://robart523.deviantart.com/art/Wasp-Creature-333059355; http://robart523.deviantart.com/

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