Family Shirts – Three Different Sets for Disney’s MNSSHP

FIRST – if you are planning a Disney trip, leave room in your budget for shirts once you get there. Their designs are amazing and there is no doubt that you will find one there to take home.

I plan to share the shirts that we wear when we go to Disney in an ongoing series. You may notice some wrinkles or dog hair (sorry). I don’t sell these shirts or patterns, they are just for inspiration. However, many of these patterns are available for free if you visit  Often, the patterns will be designed for paper cut outs, but it’s super easy to transfer them to vinyl.

Our Travel Shirts.

This is what we wore on the plane and the remainder of our first day there and we received a lot of compliments. This is super easy to make with a simple Mickey Mouse head outline and some castle and bat cutouts. My shirt was made with orange sparkle vinyl and the guys have regular orange vinyl.




Haunted Mansion Wallpaper with Mickey Head

For this one, Mommy’s shirt matches the baby’s. I just used normal black vinyl on theirs and sparkle purple on mine.  I am considering making another set using this pattern from Disney Family and doing it as a cross-stitch! We’ll see home much time I have…



Our Encounter with the Headless Horseman

I was literally giddy when I was able to get reservations for Return to Sleepy Hollow. We needed special shirts for that night! These were made with pieced together images and fonts, some of them I had to hand sketch parts of to get it looking like I wanted, but I can be picky sometimes when I get an idea in my head. Since the horseman is so prevalent in American folklore, images are pretty easy to find in places like Design Space, Etsy, and  Silhouette marketplaces and of course add awesome touches like creepy trees and bats to add to the ambiance.


The font on the middle one is done with Blackadder ITC. The shirt to the left was purchased on Etsy as a whole design. The baby’s I pieced together from open source clipart.

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