Childhood Fears & Monsters Under the Bed

by Christari Farnum Nearly everyone has a fear of the dark at some point in their life. According to the...
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Holidays & Celebrations

History of Saint Patrick

This is a speech that I had to do for college a few years ago. On the off chance that you...
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Herbal Recipes

Flower Food Preservative Recipes

I'm going to list these in order of preference. Each is single use to about 3 cups water. 2 Tablespoons...
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Crafts and DIY

Long Lasting Cut Flowers

Cut flowers are expensive, so you want them to last as long as possible. Here are some interesting tips that...
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Healthy Recipes & Herbs

Skinny Dog Solutions: Satin Balls

These little miracle bites work wonders for dogs that need to put on weight due to illness, pregnancy, etc. I...
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Holidays & Celebrations

Kwanzaa History & Statistics

  Kwanzaa can be a difficult subject to research. It's one of the newest of the publicly recognized holidays in...
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Faith & Inspiration

Positive Thoughts for Salespeople – a Poem

This is a poem I wrote as a writing example long ago. If you use it, just  give me credit...
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Children's Forest

Little Red Hen Stick Puppets

1. Right click pictures and save. 2. Print all pages. 3. Color. 4. Cut out. 5. Match all sides to...
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Ode to the Clothesline

  Author Unknown   A clothesline was a news forecast To neighbors passing by. There were no secrets you could...
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