Bible in a Year – New International Version – Usage Rights and How to Stick With the Plan

How to Stick with It

This is my labor of love, because I was led to do it. Throughout this journey, things have come up that slowed the project more than my initial plans and I apologize if it affected anyone.

You’ll notice some of these are better sound quality than others. It’s been a learning experience, so I hope and pray that you bear with me as you journey. The New Testament should be a lot more consistent.

I strongly encourage you to visit They offer wonderful free tools to help you study the bible, a verse of the day, articles, and many more awesome things.



All of that being said, I want you to use the Bible in a Year recordings as you are led to do so, provided that you are not using them for anything blasphemous, anti-Christian, or for a profit.

This means if you want to use it in your ministry somehow (by playing it on the loudspeaker as a voice accent or a group activity, for example), please do so.

If you can direct people here to Curious and Cozy, that’s wonderful, because it makes my heart happy to see the traffic from God working in the lives of others. However, I want this to bless people in any way it can, so I understand either way.

If you want to use it for profit, contact me and I will probably let you use it for free anyway, if it’s something I feel would bless others (like a song sample or something like that). This was never a project that was based to profit me, but was something I felt there was a need for.

This is expressly NOT allowed for use for anything blasphemous or anti-Christian.

God Bless,



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