Bible in a Year – New International Version – Downloadable MP3s

Thank you for joining me for Bible in a Year!

The backstory behind this project was an incident that reminded me of long ago, when I was barely a teenager, and Granny (my Great Grandmother) was ill and her eyes had mostly left her for things like small print. She asked me to read the bible to her, and so I did. In hindsight, I’m sure she did it as much for me as for her and I am so grateful she did. 

That was a very long time ago, but I started thinking about that one day and realized there are people who have no one to read to them.

So, here I am.

I’ll be with you through an awesome life milestone and it truly is a necessary step on your journey through becoming a more mature, knowledgeable Christian.

I hope you enjoy them.

These are FREE for you to download and use (please see the page on usage here if you have any questions). Download them to your mp3 player, burn them to CDs and play them in your car or while you cook dinner, even as you’re going to sleep. It’s easy to fit in time as most days are 15 minutes or less.

I am adding the read-along and links to other tools as well.

God Bless you on your journey.




  1. Hi Christari,

    I was looking for a Bible in a Year reading and I stumbled upon your uploads. I must say that I really like your You Tube video postings. Especially how you read for your grandmother. Thank you so much for doing this.

    I would like to request for your permission to post your YouTube video in our Facebook page below. We will be doing this Bible in a Year reading with our readers, posting it at 4:30 AM Malaysian time and reposting it 4:30 PM Malaysian time. We want people to read the Bible and get into the Word.

    I felt like connecting with you because in serving the Lord, I felt that you have a heart for God and I love that! I thank God for all the divine appointments he led me to. So, if it’s okay, can we use your videos please, posting it daily in our Facebook page starting tomorrow, 1st of January 2016.

    Here’s our Facebook page:

    Let us lift God’s name on high! Look forward to hear from you, Christari.

    God Bless you,

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