Staying Healthy with Easy Single Serve Snacks by Graze – FREE Graze codes

Let me start by saying that Graze has a GREAT deal. The first and fifth shipments are FREE!




There isn’t even an argument there. It’s free to try. The shipments you pay for are $11 with free shipping. Seriously, eleven bucks for something that is going to help you stay healthy while snacking and has 8 servings in each box? Sign me up.

You can choose how often you want shipments, too. I picked every two weeks.

Here is a video of my experience and you can see what you can expect. I did subsequent videos on later shipments too that are a bit fancier and cleaner. They all have a “taste-by-taste” review of the products:



Click here to go to the site: GRAZE

You’ll have to use that link or they won’t give you a spot to put your code in and you’ll get whatever their normal freebie is which isn’t usually as good as that two free boxes. I definitely recommend it and if you want to try it, then here are some codes for the awesome “Two Free Boxes” offer:


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