Trendy Summer Beverage Ideas

Heinens is my favorite grocery store, so I occasionally go there to see what’s new.

When I saw these two beverages, all I could think is how perfect they would be for a shower or outdoor wedding. They have an entire write up of ideas here, but here are the instructions for the two beverages pictured:

  • Blackberry Sage Water
    • Muddle blackberries at the base of your container, add in sage, then top with water and ice.
  • Raspberry Lime Water
    • Muddle raspberries at the base of your container, add in limes, then top with water and ice.

The link also has some great ideas for finger foods and alcoholic beverages as well as as some awesome wine pairings at the link.

Here are some more ideas from our kitchen:

  • Vanilla beans and Mudded Peaches
  • Cucumber Slices and Lime
  • Orange Slices with Fresh Mint



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