Watching the Fireworks Inside Cinderella’s Royal Table?

Short Answer: No, you can’t, but you might see occasional glimpses of the show, depending on the current choreography.

I loved the idea – to sit and dine and have a ground zero view of the fireworks safely behind glass. But, then I promptly forgot about the idea in the rush of planning and ended up accidentally inside the castle during the fireworks show. That was when I realized why it doesn’t work.

First, there are a lot of roofs and balconies that somewhat would obscure your vision, as well as the stained glass.

Second, the views of the windows from the restaurant are often mostly to the rear and side of the castle. Positioning-wise, this puts the fireworks above your head or in a blind-spot where there are no windows. This is the optimal viewing location for the rest of the park, using the castle as a centerpiece. Also, CRT (Cinderella’s Royal Table) does not cover the entire upper story of the castle, but only a portion of it.


Most of the fireworks are too high in the sky to really affect the patrons of the palace outside of the fact that you can hear the fireworks as gentle thunder – especially during the day. During nighttime shows, the music is piped inside the castle and the lights are dimmed.

Fireworks shows do change up regularly, so the positioning of the fireworks is going to vary. This means that at times you can see an occasional “firework bloom” during a nighttime show. However, you cannot watch the entire show from inside the castle. You most certainly will miss the lovely projections on the face of the castle, which add to the magic.

The good news is that the precise positioning of the fireworks allows the entire park to view all or most of the show (depending on how many trees are around you).

However, don’t despair! The parks do offer reserved seating for fireworks with dining in the form of dessert packages. These cost about $80 per adult and $50 per child. You will have an all-you-can-eat dessert and snack buffet with beverages and a fantastic view of the fireworks.

Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

Plaza Garden Fireworks Dessert Party

Holiday parties are available also!

Hallowishes Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace

Hallowishes Fireworks Dessert Party Plaza Garden

Holiday Wishes Fireworks Tomorrowland Terrace

Holiday Wishes Fireworks Plaza Garden

In addition to this, several restaurants outside the park offer viewing of the fireworks, including Narcooses, California Grill, and Ohana.

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