Second Hand Super Cool Toys – The Series

My Amazon List for Super Cool Rare Toys  has started to pull a following, so I decided it might be fun to do a little background on some of these toys and maybe help you try to find them!

I started the list when I started to realize there were a lot of great developmental toys that I wanted our little guy to have that were unfortunately out of production. This started a quest to get my hands on some of them, only to find out that some sellers had them so ridiculously priced that there was no way anyone would buy them.

I mean, I understand when we are dealing with a rare collectible, but a giant farm that children climb on? Come on, it’s used and it’s not worth $400 when it sold brand new for $60 two years ago.

So, as I said, I hope to call attention to these toys. First, so more children can enjoy them and second so that maybe – just maybe – someone will bring them back into production.

Lastly, in hopes of helping you find some great toys that you never knew existed.


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