Skinny Dog Solutions: Satin Balls

These little miracle bites work wonders for dogs that need to put on weight due to illness, pregnancy, etc.

I have yet to see a dog that won’t eat them and there are a lot of recipes for these on the net, but this is what I used and have had success with.

Satin Balls

5 fatty hamburger, raw
5 cups Total original cereal
5 cups old fashioned outs, rolled, unflavored
2.5 cups raw wheat germ
1/4 corn oil (I use corn rather than vegetable because it has more usable nutritional properties)
1/4 cup molasses
6 egg yolks (some breeders suggest the shells too, but I haven’t seen the benefit to it)
5 envelopes unsweetened gelatin
2.5 Tablespoons of Sea Meal

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly like you would a meatloaf. If you do decide to use the shells, make sure that you grind them very fine, so that it doesn’t cause choking or stomach irritation.
Roll into balls no larger than 1 inch diameter or use one of those neat old-fashioned meatball makers if you have one laying about, or even a cookie scoop will help you out.
Divide into at least 6 separate containers or bags. Freeze. Thaw as needed for feeding.
I feed a pack a day…half in am , half in pm, depending on the size of the dog. At 6 servings, these have about 2270 calories per pack. To find out how much you will need, you can use this dog calorie calculator. It will take you offsite to “Dog Food Advisor.” I’ll put a link button at the bottom of the page too.

These are fed raw.

The dogs stop all the itching and chewing at their coats/skin, their eyes get this bright look and the energy level increase, as well as make their coat thicker and shinier.

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