Hidden Children’s Garden at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Ok, so “tucked away” is probably more accurate than “hidden,” but the location of this precious little garden is a little off the beaten path. You can see the garden from one of my favorite kiosks, the Honey Bee-stro Garden!

The garden has a discreet entrance and feels somewhat private from the typical hustle and bustle of the crowds the festival can bring. Because it isn’t overly advertised, isn’t on the main thoroughfare, and is easy to walk right past, it’s relatively peaceful without a bunch of people.

These pictures were taken on a beautiful sunny afternoon when the World Showcase was somewhat crowded (not peak crowded, but also not low crowds). As you can see, it’s pretty empty and there is both sitting space for adults and places for the little ones to burn off some energy. The big round thing is a jungle gym and the green hedge-looking thing in the back is actually sort of like stadium seating.

Throughout the play area, there are music instruments that make pleasant noises. Here are some giant windchimes. There are mallets made of rubber hanging on the post nearby to make them ring.

This is where you enter a maze-like area that has more instruments to play along with things to crawl through and climb.

Stop to tap the drums along the way!

Other displays have tactile tasks. The leaves have a track to be pushed along and the “dew drop” balls on the leave spin. On the other sprout, the music notes are pulled back to mack the green ball chime.

More places to hop, crawl, and climb…

There is a small waterfall for ambient noise and a place to sit and play classic games like checkers.

Last, but not least, is a sensory garden where children are encouraged to touch and smell the plants. I love this part.

So, where can you find this little gem on the map? Right here:

Keep in mind, this is only available during the International Flower and Garden Festival 2019, though hopefully will return in years to come!



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