Displaying Disney Gift Cards – as Magnets!

When we go to Disney, I purchase gift cards so we have an easier time tracking our souvenir expenses in the park. Everyone has one or two of their own to spend.

I order mine from the Disney Store online (shopDisney.com). Each one is like a tiny little piece of artwork! Plus, it’s sort of an “extra” souvenir from the trip.

The designs on the cards change regularly and some are even themed to special events, like birthdays or Christmas. I have a precious one that was from the birth of my son. It’s his “first Disney card.” Of course, every card is not only beautiful to look at but holds precious memories.

One of the best parts is that I receive mine for FREE with my Disney Chase Card.  Plus, if you click the link that I provided, they are offering a statement credit of $200 if you are approved. I’ve earned over $2600 in free cards over the course of my card ownership. I’ll tell you how it works at the bottom of the article so we can get back to the craft project.

So, what’s a practical way to keep them without just sticking them in a drawer?

First, there is the shadow box option, which is a great choice for some families. However, we accumulate a lot of cards, so we had to find another solution.


It’s perfect because they are useful and can go on any metal surface – which makes them quite versatile. Even better, your kids can help and they are easy to make. It’s a fun little activity to do together.

All you need are magnets with adhesive on the back and the gift cards. Sometimes you can find them at the dollar stores, but I will add links too in case you have trouble finding them.

The first time I made cards, I used precut Small Square Magnets. I liked the results of these a little better. You use two per card for this style. They are the ones pictured on the bottom. The magnets break apart, peel off the back, stick in place, and you are done! Easy peasy!

The second time I made the magnets, I used the Magnet Sheets because I was at Walmart and that was all that they had. It works, but the magnets are a lot thinner and there is sometimes more prep work involved if you have to cut the magnet itself as I did.

You can also use Business Card Magnets which are already cut to size but usually are the most pricey option.

That’s it! Just peel and stick to the back of the gift card and you have a handy and beautiful magnet full of memories!

Now, about the card:

I love it.

The Disney Chase Card is a points card that gives you points toward “Disney dollars” for every single purchase that you make. Those dollars can be used for payment at the Disney store, shopDisney.com, in all of the Disney parks, and even can be used toward your Disney vacation!

I’ve earned over $2600 in free gift cards so far and keep earning more. Since our trip a few months ago, I’ve already earned about $250 toward our next trip just by using the card for everyday purchases like our groceries. It’s definitely a card that pays to have if you’re a Disney fan!

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