Inside Disney Floral and Gifts Halloween In-Room Celebration – Is It Worth It?


After much deliberation, I justified spending the $400 on the Halloween In-Room Celebration on the fact that it was our honeymoon and I had been fascinated by it for a long time. This was purchased for the Halloween season 2018.

When we arrived after getting off of our plane, we unfortunately interrupted the decorator, who was just finishing up our room. I offered to leave so he could finish (which I would have preferred) but he declined. In doing so, he forgot a couple of the things that were supposed to be part of the package and also sort of ruined the surprise. That was initially a damper on the experience.

However, I called Disney Floral and Gifts and they agreed to redeliver the missing pieces the next day. I’m assuming everything else was there, because exactly “what” is in the collection seems to be a big secret on their site. So, here is what we received:



A door banner, which is hung over your door. It’s pretty cute and the pictures they put on their site really don’t do it justice. It’s sort of a burlap material and has red LED pinpoints in Mickey’s eyes that light up.  I ended up really liking it and it stayed up the duration of our stay, then went up on an interior door immediately after we got home as a fun reminder of our trip. This can be personalized with your name for an additional $8.



A cardstock welcome letter from Mickey was on the dresser. It has a little wedge on the back so it stands up on its own.



Laying over the bed pillows were the Halloween pillowcases. Two are included in the package. You can add additional ones. They are pretty decent quality – not super soft, but acceptable and they wash up well.



The bat throw was fairly thin, but very cute. The embroidery is small, but well done. This can also be personalized and you can order additional throws with your package. One is included. It’s standard throw size.



Little spiders were everywhere in the room.



A Halloween tote and felt bat had both been mentioned in the product description. The bat can be personalized. It’s thick, but just flat felt. It’s about the size of your hand. The tote is quite large and I ended up using it to keep track of small souvenirs to keep them out of the shuffle of our other stuff. It’s heavy canvas and I really like it.



Six castle luminaries are scattered around the room and, of course, the candelabra. The luminaries are a heavy plastic, though they do fold down. There is a plastic square inside the luminary that hold a tealight candle up so it is actually centered behind the castle. The candles are color changing and fade softly from one to the next.

The candelabra is metal and heavy. It’s coated in glitter. The candles are battery operated and covered in black wax. They flicker. They can be turned off and take AA batteries, so this is a piece that will last for many Halloweens to come, though it is heavy and will need to be in either a large suitcase or shipped home if you are flying. The candle is crooked in the photo, but they can be put perfectly straight if desired. This made a fantastic nightlight each night.



Several foam pumpkin shapes were scattered on the bed. Some were glitter, some were plain. I’ve seen other in-room celebrations that imply that these are normally placed on the floor leading you into the room. There was a pack of glow-in-the-dark eye tattoos, felt glitter bats on sticks, and the cardstock eyes you see in the picture, which had miscellaneous Disney trivia on the back.



There was a small LED flashlight with a Mickey Pumpkin etched onto the side and two light up Mickey ghost lanyards. I used those to decorate the stroller at the Halloween party. A huge box of taffy was inside the tote.



In addition to the taffy, there was colored candied popcorn, sour gummy worms, Jelly Belly candy corn, pretzels, and rice crispy pops inside the tote.



Last, but not least, there is a giant Mickey. He was as big as my toddler. And, of course, the cobwebs are everywhere.


So, did I feel it was worth it? I’d have to say that’s conditional.

I love most of the items, though I feel there could have been a few more edible treats in there for the price. While on vacation, the items gave a personalized feel to our room, which was very nice and homey. When we came home, putting the decorations up gave an air of “carrying home some magic.” I am glad I bought it, but if I’d had to give up something else in exchange, like shorting party nights or character meals, I would have skipped it.


If you’d like to just create your own “in room celebration,” that’s of course an option. I have a post here on “Creating a Faux In-Room Celebration.”


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