• 30+ Things About Working from Home: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    I’ve worked from home for well over 10 years through several companies and several positions, including as management, and there is a lot that you learn about the concept.   Work at home jobs are getting more and more prevalent…

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  • History of Saint Patrick

    This is a speech that I had to do for college a few years ago. On the off chance that you might find this interesting or you are doing a report, I thought I’d include it here for you.   Why…

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  • Kwanzaa History & Statistics

      Kwanzaa can be a difficult subject to research. It’s one of the newest of the publicly recognized holidays in the United States, and because of its vicinity to Christmas and Hanukkah, it can be difficult to separate the statistics…

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  • Positive Thoughts for Salespeople – a Poem

    This is a poem I wrote as a writing example long ago. If you use it, just  give me credit is all I ask. 🙂 You may use it for training, for work for inspiration, just don’t put it in or…

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