Babies Over 40 – Naturally

We see a lot of celebrities over 40 having children. While some profess a “natural” conception,  these folks also have gobs of money to throw at fertility treatments and who knows how the baby was actually conceived.

However, I personally know people who conceived naturally near or over 40 and all of the babies were normal, healthy babies. If you do a little research, you probably know a few too.

  1. My best friend’s sister conceived naturally just as she turned 40. She conceived naturally again with her second child at 42.
  2. A family friend was around 45 when she conceived naturally with her 3rd child.
  3. My best friend’s husband was conceived when his dad was 65 and his mom was 40 and that was back in the 1970s.
  4. My great grandmother was 37 and my great grandfather was 42 when my grandmother was conceived. That was over 85 years ago.
  5. My aunt was 44 when she conceived her third son naturally.
  6. One of my classmates conceived at 41.
  7. Two ladies at my church conceived naturally, one was 45 and the other was 37. For the 45 year old, it was her first child. The 37 year old it was her fifth.
  8. My husband’s grandmother was 40 when she became pregnant with her only child in the 1970s.

This obviously isn’t the mainstream norm of child birthing, but when you actually know of real life people who didn’t use fertility treatments and it naturally happened for them, it helps. It makes me feel better anyway.

I have no idea what any of these people did behind closed doors, but I do know that none of them used a doctor to aid them in getting pregnant, because these were surprise conceptions.

In other words, if this is something you really want, there is hope. You might have to enlist a doctor, but pregnancy over 40 is certainly not an anomaly. In fact, I’ve even read of few articles that the number of new moms conceiving over 50 is growing.

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