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WW 1 Point Snicker’s Banana

This is a super easy little hack that makes you feel like a treat for just one point! Read below to find both an alternative recipe and then what I do to make a fast, easy 1 point snack.

This was inspired by a post about “faux snickers” bananas from the Staten Island Family

Because it was just a picture someone posted on Facebook, I didn’t have the original recipe. I tried using the following (this is not the recipe for above):

– Choc Zero Chocolate Syrup

– Thinned flavored powdered peanut butter

– some crushed peanuts

My first concoction wasn’t great. The original recipe would have turned out much better as it takes the Hershey sugar free chocolate syrup and Smucker’s sugar free caramel. It is 2 Points and is a prettier presentation.

Mine is faster and in my opinion tastes a bit better because it’s actual chocolate not syrup, which is just a personal preference.

My recipe is super simple.

I use Hershey’s Zero Sugar Caramel Mini Bars though any of the mini zero sugars will work

Microwave for 10-15 seconds

Sprinkle a tiny bit of crushed peanuts over if you desire.

Dip your banana in the melted bar.

The end! I hope you enjoy it :).

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