Curious and Cozy

WW 3 – 4 Point Crunch Wrap

A super fast easy dinner, the point count is going to depend on how you divide your nacho chips. If you use 3 chips per wrap, they are 3 points each. I just have one wrap so they all go on one in their glorious crunchiness.

Each wrap should contain

1 Mission Carbsmart Wrap (2 points)

Chicken cooked with taco seasoning (I buy mine precooked at the grocer, but it can be precooked at home in a pan or in the slow cooker)

3-6 Restaurant style nacho chips (1 -2 points depending on how much you use), crumbled into chunks onto the wrap over the chicken

Shredded lettuce (optional)

Chopped tomato (optional)

Shredded cheese adds points

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