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Cranberry Christmas Cocktail – My Favorite Holiday Drink

To be fair, I’m biased. I like cranberries. No, I don’t drink cranberry juice very often, but come Thanksgiving you will most definitely find cranberry sauce on my plate. I don’t care if it’s out of a can or made fresh, it’s gonna be there.

But, my husband does not. He doesn’t even like food with craisins.

Yet, this drink he’s good with. It’s really easy and very tasty.

Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

8 ounces Sprite Zero (or regular Sprite if you don’t count calories)

3 ounces cranberry juice (more if you are so inclined)

1 shot of Jameson (I make mine with 1/2 shot)

3 – 6 cranberries

2 – 3 snowflake ice cubes

If you like the little snowflake cubes, here is the mold:
Snowflake Silicon Ice Tray

I’ve seen other snowflake trays, but they weren’t as intricate. To take the cubes out, gently and briefly run warm water over the back or let them sit out for a minute, then remove. They are also great for sensory play for a toddler.

Don’t pay more than about $10 for it though. I think I paid about $6 for it.


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