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Here’s What to Expect on the Disney’s Magical Express

I get a lot of questions about Disney’s Magical Express, so here’s what to expect when you sign up for Disney’s Magical Express.

First, you’re going to have to sign up to ride before your trip. You can do this on your My Disney Experience. Go to “My Plans” and then scroll to your hotel reservation. Click “Make Changes” and then scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Ground Transportation.” From there, you’ll add your flight information and other details to get you a free reservation on the right bus.

A few weeks before your trip, you’ll receive a letter that looks a bit like this. Inside, you’ll find your welcome letter, luggage tags, and instructions. (The yellow things are the luggage tags). Make sure your luggage is tagged before you check it in at the airport.

Here is a close up of the letter.

The Magical Express is located quite a walk from where the planes land, so if you have a condition that makes it difficult to walk long distances (or have a child that you generally carry) be prepared. If you are making dining reservations for the day you arrive, keep them at least 4 hours after you land. Plan 30 minutes to walk to the Magical Express  (maybe more if the airport is crowded) and another possible wait of 30 min or more before the bus leaves. Then, another 45 minutes to an hour on the ME itself. After that you have to settle in to the hotel and take transportation to your reservation.

The buses are lined up in a depot outside and you will check-in at a desk before entering the area, just like any other area of the airport. Strollers and luggage are stored underneath for the trip. You’ll be directed to the bus that is going to your resort.

The outside of the buses recently received a makeover, so yours will probably look different than the one above, but you’ll definitely know it’s Disney.

Inside the buses are super comfortable.


There are overhead televisions scattered throughout the bus to keep you entertained with a great sound system.

The chairs are super comfortable and most of the time the buses aren’t crowded.

Yes, there is a bathroom on board.

I often get carsick, but have never had trouble on the Magical Express or Disney buses. It was a comfortable, smooth ride.

If you have elected luggage transport, your luggage should arrive later that day or the next morning, so be sure to keep any immediate necessities with you in your carry on. Disney tries to get luggage to your hotel as soon as possible, but there are sometimes delays. Just keep in mind, your luggage will likely arrive after you do.

Have you ridden the Disney Express or plan to? What’s your experience so far?




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