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Jonah and the Whale Memorial Sculptures in Israel

Photo Credit: Piet Bakker

A particularly cool sculpture commemorates an important religious event from the Old Testament in Akko, Israel. Akko has great historical significance as one of the oldest cities in Israel and at one time served as a crusader stronghold and the beautiful ancient architecture found in the city won’t disappoint.


The sculpture can be found on the shoreline in the harbor area.


Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

One of my favorite parts of this sculpture is that you can actually climb inside of it and take a really awesome “Jonah” themed photo.

Photo Credit: Adam Jones


Photo Credit: Raffaele Esposito


There are several points of attraction in the city. You can learn more about other places to visit in Akko here or here.


A second scultpure, “The Smiling Whale,” is viewable in Jaffa, Israel. Once known as “Joppa,” Jaffa has several biblical ties, including Peter the disciple and Noah. It’s also one of the oldest port cities on earth. Joffa has a number of attractions in addition to this one.


Photo Credit: Markper39



You can learn more about visiting Jaffa here along with more history of the town and other sites to see while you are there.

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