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A Little Boy at Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party

Bug is already getting into rocket ships and cars at the age of 1 1/2, so I know that my time to spirit him away to silly little things like tea parties is limited. His one exception to his love of “boy things” is that he likes Vampirina.

I love tea and actually had a tea shop of my own at one point, but I had dismissed the idea of the tea party, thinking it was too expensive and knowing Bug wouldn’t be interested in the doll that they give the little girls.

Then, when we were at Disney, we saw a book called “Duffy the Disney Bear.” We were completed charmed by the story and wanted the bear, because it had a special significance (see the story at the end of the article). After days of searching and asking everyone we could find, we found out that unfortunately Disney no longer carries him anywhere but on the cruise line…


Duffy is the gift that is given to little boys at the Perfectly Princess Tea Party.

That put the whole thing into a new light. I started reconsidering the party while we were at the park. My husband, knowing that it would be a wonderful Mommy/Son memory for me, told me just to do it. So, I made the reservation with a bit of nervousness, because the current price on that party is $334 and only includes one child and one adult. There are no discounts, passholder or otherwise. Additional adults are about $98.66. If the adult wants the gifts, they have to pay an additional $136.22. All children, regardless of age, cost $234.98. It’s important to note that children can choose to receive either the bear or doll package.


In front of the tea room. The room is in the background.


Boys don’t seem attend the party very often(Bug was the only one), but obviously they do attend now and then.

I dressed Bug in his prince outfit, since I knew all the little girls would be dressed as princesses and he had it left over from the Halloween party we had attended earlier. It worked out perfectly.

**Spoiler Alert**

Here is what happens during the event:

Guests gather around the beautiful Grand Floridian Tearoom entrance, which is decorated around the arches with boughs of fresh cut flowers. Each child receives a personal invitation, and they are asked to gather around the doorway where they are greeted by their host, “Rose Petal,” a special character who is part a side story from the Sleeping Beauty tale.

The children then line up and one by one pass through the gateway of the beautiful tea room. Each girl is given a tiara (plastic with little gems) and is sprinkled with fresh rose petals over their head. Boys receive a sword and shield. Bug already had a crown on and they sprinkled his head with petals. I picked one up to press in our memory book.

One by one, we enter the party to sit at our reserved tables, into a room bathed in light from floor to ceiling windows in a small and intimate tea room. Waiting on the chairs are the Aurora dolls. Or, in our case, our Duffy. The table is dressed with tea cups with fabric napkins folded neatly into rosebuds. The children’s cups are pink and the adults are in the Royal Albert bone china. Everyone is asked not to touch their napkins.



Once everyone is seated, we are introduced to the pianist in the room and everyone is asked to take their napkins and place them on their lap. We see why we were asked to wait when a gift falls out of the folds of fabric. For boys it’s a collectible pin. For girls, it’s a pretty little bracelet with multicolored stones.  The Duffy pin features Mickey holding Duffy. Tea is brought out – special apple juice “tea” for the littles and an amazing Elderflower tea for the adults.




Tea sandwiches are brought out as Rose Petal tells us her story, full of sound effects. It’s a lively rendition and Bug loved it. The children’s tea sandwiches include a muffin, fresh fruit, Mickey Mouse pb&j, and turkey and cheese wraps. The fruit was wonderfully ripe.



Adults receive more “adult” tea sandwiches including cucumber, egg salad, pear, curry, and goat cheese, as well as fruit. They were all quite yummy.




As we dine, Rose Petal calls the children to the front to teach them a bit of sign language and how to properly greet a king, queen, and princess using sign language. Bug was a little too young to participate, but completely enjoyed the show. There is also some singing that involves interaction with the dolls. For example, we sing “Baby Mine” as we rock the dolls in our arms and some other tunes as we dance with them.

After, the pianist begins to softly play Disney songs and we are allowed to ask for our favorites. Aurora enters and we greet her with sign language. She visits each child for photos and gives them a gift of a beautiful long stemmed rose, spending quite a bit of time visiting with each one.




Cake is presented. It’s white cake with delicious, fluffy pink frosting in two layers. Birthday princesses are announced (some are given personalized cakes which were special ordered). We all applaud them individually and wish them a happy birthday. Shortly after, the children are visited by Rose Petal who gives them a special crystal necklace on a soft satin ribbon with a velcro closure. It has a gorgeous sparkle and matched the earrings that Rose Petal wears.



The children are then given a thank you card from the princess and a bag to keep their things in. The girl’s bags were pink with Princess Aurora. Then, everyone lines up for a specialty Royalty Parade through the lobby and up the stairs, where they have a photo taken together on the balcony.



Finally, Princess Aurora leads them through the upstairs gifts shop to give them a final gift. It’s a certificate of friendship (they name their bear) and a little scrapbook kit with stickers and such to decorate with.



Is it worth it? Well, from my perspective, yes. Spoiled children, like the one in front of us in line that kept saying “I’m bored already!” in a snotty, whiny voice, may not enjoy it. All of the other children there seemed completely charmed with the event. My own little guy definitely enjoyed it and I know that I did. He didn’t enjoy it as much as the thrill he had in meeting the characters from the 100 Acre Woods, but he still had a wonderful time.

It’s a very precious memory for me and is therefore worth every penny I paid.

Months later, it still has a magical quality every time I think about it. I think it’s gaining even more sparkle with time. I’d definitely recommend it.


Our Extra Special Duffy Experience: If you’ve seen the Duffy cartoon that they play in the hotel rooms, you understand the story behind Duffy. We bought the book, but Duffy is no longer available in the parks. I wanted the bear to take home to my mom who was battling late-stage lung cancer as a special something between my little boy and his Grandma. I prayed we’d somehow find one because of the significance there. After days of searching and asking everyone I could find, I found out it was part of the package at the children’s tea party and that was the only place to get one. We went to the Perfectly Princess Tea Party (my son and I) and as part of the package, little boys receive Duffy Bear. I asked if I could purchase a second bear from the party to take home to my mom so that the two would have matching bears. They told me that no, they were sorry, they couldn’t sell us a bear. However, when we walked into the party, they had given us an extra bear to take home to my Mom. The hostess walked by and said “a little extra pixie dust for you.” Tears came to my eyes. Seriously, God bless that lady and her kindness. I know that it’s just an object, but considering the situation it meant so much and Bug proudly took the little bear home and presented it to his Nama.

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