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8 Dollar Store DIY Crafts that Make AWESOME Gifts

1. Sock Sheep! Cuddly and Adorable!

This sock sheep from Craft Passions is easier than he looks and Joanne provides step by step clear instructions on how to make him (or her).


2. A Bandana Pillow

A bandana pillow is perfect for Boho decor and available in LOTS of colors – even camo! You don’t have to use the pillow insert as show here to stuff, even though it’s easier. You can use loose pollyfill (which is super cheap) OR if you don’t have that available, cotton balls work well also.


3. A Spa in a Jar

The Gunnysack shows us how to make this awesome Spa in a Jar. The dollar store literally sells every single thing you need for this, with the exception of those tiny candles, but they DO sell tealights that would also work.


4. Little Lacey Wrist Warmers


These wrist warmers can be embellished to make the perfect gift – completely adaptable to the recipient’s style.


5. Pretend Play Kit

Pretty much every child loves pretend play. Create your own kit with a no-sew cape (use a polar fleece baby blanket). Similar trims can be found in the craft area with pompoms, felties, fabric glue, glitter, sequins, and lots more to choose from. All of the crown materials are in the floral area. This can be adapted for boys by making more of a “royal” cape and making a crown from just greenery.


6. Blooming Critters


Although these instructions from Crafts n Coffee are for a fall arrangement, let your imagination flow for other holidays too – pink bunnies for Easter, white snowmen for Christmas, the possibilities are endless.


7. Terrariums

Terrariums are awesome. There is a great tutorial here. Surprisingly, the dollar store usually has literally everything you need for a terrarium including containers, dirt, moss, figurines and stones, other than the plants. This is pretty easily (and cheaply) remedied with a trip to the garden center for some inexpensive succulents.


8. Personalized Candle in a Hurricane Lamp

Easy as 1-2-3. Instructions are here.

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