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Why You Should Save Your Paper Cards

I have a little box where I keep all of the love letters, notes, and cards that my boyfriend gives me. Whenever one of my loved ones sends a particularly touching card, I tuck that in there too.


You’d be surprised how those little notes can change your life.


I had a little post it note from my mom that I had absent-mindedly stuck to the wall when unpacking a box that she sent.   It simply said “Love you pumpkin!” with a little smiley face. It became strangely significant a short time later when my life felt like it was falling apart. It made me smile and brightened a dark time.


My Dad passed away a few years ago and I have the last Christmas card he sent me. How strangely precious one little note becomes.


A few months ago, just before my birthday, my grandmother (she was the daughter of the Granny that I mentioned in the first BIY) fell ill and died shortly after. She died of the same kind of cancer as Granny had. There were no birthday cards that year, but I found a couple of them that she had sent me previous years and kept them by my bed so I could see her handwritten words and signature.


I know that these little stories of mine about paper really aren’t moving to those who haven’t experienced loss yet.  You have an influx of paper notes from the people that you grew up with and your family and they seem minor parts of your life. However, someday, they will matter. Of course, you can’t save them all, but save the best ones.


Signatures and handwriting are unique to a person. I can recognize my mom’s, sister’s, and gram’s handwriting in an instant. I’ll bet you can too.

To see it, to touch where their hand has been when they are gone, will someday be a treasure to you.

Some folks have photographed and copied signatures and notes from their grandmother or mother and have turned them into lovely crafts, like dish towels and ring dishes. It’s a comfort to see and a precious gift.

So, save your best notes and cards. You never know when they will be the last that you receive. Someday when you need a little pick-me-up, you’ll be so glad that you did.

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