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Positive Thoughts for Salespeople – a Poem

This is a poem I wrote as a writing example long ago. If you use it, just  give me credit is all I ask. 🙂 You may use it for training, for work for inspiration, just don’t put it in or on anything you are selling.

by Christari Farnum

When you’re feeling down and frumpy,

You might be mean or downright grumpy.

The truth is there to tell the tale,

Your attitude effects your sales.

But if you’re attitude is right,

You’re future will be sweet and bright.

The day goes by with such a breeze

And sales and customers come with ease.

Greeting the day with a great big smile

Helps to avoid stress and trial.

What a difference attitude makes,

It even helps avoid mistakes!

Attitude does more than you know,

You’re health will shine, your business grow,

You’ll enjoy the things most sweet,

And all your goals, you’ll surely meet.

So keep thing on the light and funny

Your future will be full and sunny.

It will help reduce your stress

And fill your life with happiness.

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