12 Weeks – Swelling on One Side

The results of the Progenity test came back. Our baby is a boy and all of the chromosome issues were clear.

Our little frog is the size of a plum

This week, I’m experiencing swelling in one foot but not the other. If you are experiencing this, contact your health professional immediately.

After testing, I was cleared. Later, I figured out I was causing the condition myself because I was already suffering from edema and had a habit of sitting in a chair with one foot under my butt and the other dangling. When both feet were elevated, the swelling evened out.  (Note: However, later in the pregnancy I did develop a serious case of preeclampsia). 

Swelling on one side can be a very serious – and even life threatening – condition.

Common causes of swelling on one side of the body include:

  • onset of preeclampsia
  • allergic reaction
  • infection
  • blood clots (veinous thrombosis)
  • diabetes
  • sprains
  • heart conditions

In pregnancy, the most common causes for one sided swelling are bloot cots, diabetes, and preeclampsia.

“This Week’s Symptoms”

  • Constant need to urinate
  • Fatigue
  • Swelling of my feet
  • Excess Salivation
  • Cravings for Macaroni and Cheese and Baked Potato

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