Peaceful Christian Poem/Meditation

I thought this was a beautiful poem/meditation…
I release my parents from the feeling that they have failed me.
I release my children from the need to make me proud, so that they can write their own ways, according to their hearts.
I release my partner from the obligation to make me feel complete. I lack nothing in myself.
I learn with all the beings that surround me.
I thank my grandparents and ancestors who met so that today I breathe life. And I release them from the faults of the past and from the wishes they did not fulfill, aware that they did the best they could to resolve their situations, within the consciousness they had at that moment. I honor them, I love them, and I recognize their innocence.
I renounce the role of rescuer, of being the one who strives always to please and placate and strives to fulfill the expectations of others. And learning through love, I bless others and my way of expressing, although there may be some who cannot understand me. My Father knows my heart.
I understand myself, because only I lived and experienced my story; because I know myself, I know who I am, what I feel, what I do and why I do it.
I respect and accept myself as a Child of God who, though not perfect, am loved and accepted in His eyes.
I honor God for loving, creating, and dwelling in me and in you… and in Jesus for his sacrifice.
We are free.
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