2 thoughts on “How to Get Help Paying for Elecare”

  • Christari

    You know from an Elecare mom, this is such a great information you’re sharing. Thank you. Both my sons (4 year-old and new new 3 month-old) needed Elecare (Alimentum, nutramigen or Neocate did not even help, it made their little tummy worse) with or without insurance. We eventually had to pay out of pocket and that is no joke. Funny story infact. We took a road trip to Orlando from Tampa and DH and I packed up everything else (hot water in a flask, extra bottles and giant load of bibs (throw up is major; my son’s G.I specialist calls him a “happy Spitter”, putting that lightly LOL) but we forgot a can of…you guessed it! Oh google search to the rescue and eventually (after 30 miles and a hungry 3 month-old), we found a Walgreen that had a can for 60 bucks. THE best 60 bucks we have ever had to spend considering!
    It is so empowering to read blogs as yours that helps and support families that might need assistance with this basic need for our little ones. Thank you again.
    I am totally subscribing!

    • Christari

      Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot :). Thank you also for sharing your story! It’s amazing how many babies end up needing specialized formula, yet we see so little about it in advertisements or media.

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